Five&Two: Beginnings

Once again, we have food in the text, loaves of bread and fish! We have before us the remarkable story known as “the feeding of the 5,000,” arguably one of the greatest miracle stories ever recounted. Jesus had been doing miracles, healing and the like, even raising a friend from the dead around the Sea of Galilee. Now Jesus had obtained a few followers in this process and when he had reached the shore there were in estimate around 5,000 people—or at least that was the counted estimate of those who had gathered to see the celebrity. As with any good disciple, the concern came about how were they going to feed these people who had gathered to see the celebrity from Galilee? Much discussion was had by the disciples and those concerned and the only food in sight was with a small boy who had five loaves of bread and two fish. How on earth could a small boy with that amount of food feed 5,000 people? Hence the miracle! Now keep in mind, the Gospel of John is the only Gospel to tell us this, so maybe, just maybe, this might be important. Yet, 5,0000 people and the diet of the poor? Really, how was this going to happen? Yet we know this must be important because it is the only miracle that appears in all four Gospels. But only in John do we hear about the young boy!