Spring Into Giving

Spring Into Giving: Show Me the Money

In the movie, “Jerry McGuire”, Tom Cruise plays a struggling sports agent named Jerry McGuire. A once top level sports agent, undercut by his best friend and fellow agent has to work from the bottom up to regain his credibility and fortune in the ever looming world of professional sports marketing and money.

Jerry McGuire has to start from the bottom after being supplanted by his friend, in what was a story similar to the dishonest manager that we read in Luke this morning. Likewise, nothing was really illegal, just shrewd! A fine line for many in the world but a massive dividing point for others.

As we look at this story in Luke this morning, the concept for giving, earning, and money come into a full spectrum of play in the life of the manager, the master, and the master’s debtors. Once again, money is at the heart of the matter! It may not be the most important part of this story, but it is a driving force behind how our characters act and re­act in this biblical story.