What Would Jesus Undo

What Would Jesus Undo? Indifference

We are ending our sermon series on “What Would Jesus Undo?” today and the focus word of dedication is “indifference.” Indifference in the New Testament is not very different than the indifference we experience in today’s society, with the exception that in society today, we seem to jump over, cloud, and hide our indifferences in the light of hoping they will not be discovered. 

What Would Jesus Undo? Toxic Talk

There is probably not a better text that is more applicable to today’s society and culture than this text taken from James. Here we are in the throes of political competition, which is, as it always has been, verbal and word based in nature. However, with the dawn of social media, enhanced TV and radio coverage, blogging, and what I would say is “better and more comprehensive journalism,” words are at the forefront of the work at hand.